It may still be winter, but it's time to Think Spring

It may still be winter, but it's time to Think Spring

It may still be winter, but it's time to Think SpringIt may still be winter, but it's time to Think SpringIt may still be winter, but it's time to Think Spring

I Hate Hamlet by Paul Rudnick

What happens when an L.A. TV star is cast as Hamlet in NYC's Shakespeare-in-the-Park? 


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Our Henry IV, Part 1 show in

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Call: 315-476-1835 

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Falstaff (L) was portrayed by Simon Moody and Bardolph by Brian Pringle in this 2011 picture as seen in Henry IV, Part 1

Did you know?


Did you know?
Our banner makers (Speedpro)  made the ship banners for the set and a new SSITP letterhead banner... can you spot the letterhead difference?

In memoriam-Brian Pringle: A starring member of our company

Brian as Falstaff- #1


Brian was our first Falstaff in Merry Wives of Windsor  in August 2007

Brian as Falstaff- #2


L>R, Cathy English & Nora O'Dea as the Merry Wives along with Brian...

Brian as Falstaff- #3


Clockwise from L, Nora, Brian and Cathy get their heads together on the grass at Thornden Park's Amphitheatre

Brian as Falstaff #4


Top to bottom, Nora, Brian and Cathy 

frolic in the Park... for the first of our Merry Wives of Windsor shows in August 2007.

Brian as Alexas


Antony and Cleopatra was produced by SSITP & directed by Jamie Bruno in February 2011 at the Empire Theatre, NYS Fairgrounds.

Brian came to auditions in February 2012 at Sedgwick Heights Community Room


So far, this is the last pic I have of Brian although I know he was in at least one more show with SSITP... 

RIP Brian Pringle, a tremendously talented community actor! review by Sunny Hernandez

This review gives you most of the details you need to know to enjoy

Shakespeare-In-The-Park  summer shows

KIDS 2019 was a smashing success for 15 students...



Syracuse Shakespeare-In-The-Park had 15 fabulous students for our 15th season of Kids Doing Shakespeare(KIDS), from July 8th through 12th, 2019, 10 am to 3 pm daily, for grade 5-12 students. 

All students were taught in and around Thornden Park’s Carriage House in cooperation with Syracuse Parks and the support of The John Ben Snow Foundation and B&C Storage. 

This exciting mix of speaking skills, stage techniques, costume design, set painting, Renaissance music/dance and English country dancing was a delight as usual for teachers, specialty teachers and students alike. 

Every student performed a part in Act IV, Scene 1 of our August SSITP production of The Tempest, as a culminating activity on the last Friday (7/12 @ 2 pm) of our fun week.  We were thrilled to have one of our newest students, Iris Asiago-Reddy,  join the Syracuse Country Dancers in The Queen's Jig on opening night of The Tempest, August 2nd, 5:30 pm in the Thornden Park Amphitheatre.

For more information on next year's 16th edition of Kids Doing Shakespeare (KIDS) in July 2020,  Contact: Ronnie Bell, Executive Director, OR OR SU Cantor Warehouse, 350 W. Fayette St, Rm 006, Syracuse NY, 13202.  Scholarship help based on need is available.  Call 315-476-1835 to get an application after Sept. 1, 2019.   

Cost is only $100 through Feb 14, 2020.

Compare that to the other programs around town at more than twice the cost (and only half the fun).

Positive audience comments about "The Tempest" below...


      Newbies: first time seeing an SSITP show

*Lovely show, first time attending, thank you. 

*I’ve been waiting to go to this for years & finally made it. I loved it. What a fun little community production. I’ll be here next year & I’ll be bringing friends. Thanks for having this. 

*I enjoyed my first experience at one of these performances. My

only critique would be the microphone noise and the cut outs. *First time here, mom & 13-yearold son, and we will be back again. *Lovely day in the Park. A well-done show. My first visit to

the Park and venue. 

*1st time, lots of fun. 

*This was my first live drama and I enjoyed it very much.

*Everything excellent, first time Shakespeare, I will be back. 

*We’ve been wanting to attend for years, finally made it & so happy we did. Thank you for all your work and dedication. 

*This is my first year, hope to come again. I really enjoyed the play. The actors were amazing & the story was outstanding. You all were wonderful. Have a wonderful summer. 

*This is my first season attending shows, they have been amazing. We are so lucky as a community to have a group and production like this. 

*Wonderful, the first time here but it won’t be the last. 

*Excellent production, I thoroughly enjoyed my first Shakespeare-In-The-Park. It shan’t be my last. 

*1st time attending SSITP, I’ll definitely be back.


Kudos: rave reviews and huzzahs for all!

*Always like your use of full amphitheatre for staging. 

*Much improved & it seems like the cast was having a good time. Well done, thanks. 

*Great show, theatre like this is so important. 

*Loved Ariel & Prospero. The delivery and energy of the entire cast and the venue really brought Shakespeare to life. 

*Great event, dancing nymphs were a nice addition. 

*Thanks for the synopsis, very helpful. 

*Costumes, especially for nymphs were very magical, music was fitting & worked well. 

*Thank you for an extraordinary performance again. We look forward to next summer. 

*The diction was superb, superior to previous performances. The sound effects and stage props/scenery very effective. When Ariel was set free & danced off the stage I longed for a few measures of magical celebratory music. 

*Lovely setting, enthusiastic cast & great speaker system= wonderful production. 

*I actually understood and got the meaning of the dialogue- that I

never really experienced when I read the plays. I especially enjoyed the humorous scenes. I’ll be coming back. 

*Liked the Kids area. 

*The set was great, the young couple in love was adorable. Stefano and Trinculo were so funny. 

*A great choice of a play, all the actors did a wonderful job

and seemed to really understand their lines and their characters. *Very well done, you always do a great job. Love Stephen Shepard, always look forward to seeing what part he will play. Great job

all of you. 

*What a wonderful way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon, more please. *Great job, wonderful location, see you again. 

*Beautiful play, awesome actors. 

*Wonderful, had the best time. 

*Wonderful show but just visiting so don’t need to be on the mailing list. 

*Always a pleasure to be here. Favorite actors- Stefano, Miranda, Ariel, Prospero, Caliban & Ferdinand. Enjoyed the ballet performance very much. 

*Fantastic performance, thank you to all actors, actresses & crew.

*Really appreciated the guitar, a very fun production.

*Very well done, a great all-around experience. Thank you. 

*We always enjoy the show, great location & great performance.

 *I loved it, what a gorgeous Syracuse night makes me feel so lucky to have such an opportunity here. The casting was spot on, the sound was really impressive for a local outdoor production. The pace never varied, just great. 

*I was truly amazed by everyone’s acting and my expectations were surpassed. I am simply amazed to see this community coming together & sincerely presenting for us. Thank you.

*Caliban was great. 

*Hope to continue contributing to the cause, thanks. 

*This was a treat, thanks so much. 

*Wonderful interpretation enjoyed every minute. 

*For me, already well prepared by past readings & experience, a totally unexpected ted interpretation altogether in harmony with the spirit of the play as well as the play itself. Shakespeare would have approved.

*Well done, excited for the next show. 

*Thought this was a great way to see Shakespeare, loved it. *Costume, music, actors all wonderful. 

*This is an awesome opportunity to get away, especially for me as I am broke right now. This was a wonderful excuse to get away with a dear friend, sip wine, eat & enjoy. 

*I really enjoy the setting and the price. 

*Beautiful weather, thank God, wonderful dancing. 

*One of the best by SSITP. Actors were excellent, use of music added the right touch, very pleased. 

*Gorgeous costumes, lovely performance. 

*Excellent, was a lot of fun. Appreciated the family friendly atmosphere.

*Excellent, even the technical direction (sound) was excellent. 

*A wonderful production in a beautiful setting, well done. 

*Well done, one of my most favorite things in the summer. 

*Love the live performance, great enthusiasm. 

*Very enjoyable, have seen many productions this was very good. *What an excellent way to spend an evening. 

*My family loves to come to Shakespeare-In-The-Park, fun. 

*Love the show and the ice cream, dinner was great. Looking forward to next year.

*Had a nice time, extraordinary play. 

*Love watching your shows, can’t wait for the next one. Thank you for what you do, greatly appreciated. 

* Great show. Hope to see "Scrooge Meets Shakespeare’s Ghosts" again in the future. 

*Wonderful, great offering for the community. 

*Was a great show, 10 & 12-year-old kids also loved it and appreciated the summaries so they could understand. Thanks. *Great job, love the ice cream at intermission. Very friendly emcee & opening announcements were extremely helpful. 

*Loved the actress that played Ariel, we thought she was very good. We were happy to see some familiar faces from other plays

we enjoyed, Tone & Jesse. 

*Fabulous production, soup to nuts. 

*Sound system was excellent, enjoyed this very much. 

*Loved the play, I really liked the humorous parts. 

*Great play choice, loved Caliban, Stefano and Trinculo. 

*Syracuse and neighboring communities are blessed to have 

SSITP performances. 

*Love the venue, one of the best and most underutilized in all of CNY. 

*I love the way you expanded the stage into the grassy area.

*Very enjoyable, this is our second time attending a show and we intend to take in more in the future. 

*Wonderful and always amazing. I enjoy coming back every year. *Excellent performance on a perfect summer afternoon in our Thornden Park, thanks.

Sarah Liebowitz and Jessica Lisi scare away Caliban and Co.

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The Tempest attracted an audience of 1,400 for the run of the show, our largest in five years!  Huzzah!!

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"  I appreciate the efforts of the members in keeping Shakespeare alive in Syracuse. "

Shakespeare-In-The-Park, August 2018, Merry Wives of Windsor, Audience Member 

" Fantastic evening of theatre. Haven’t been to a Shakespeare in the park in a number of years. Thank you for the fantastic sound system. Acting, story, direction have always been great. It was really perfect today. "

Shakespeare-In-The-Park, August 2018, Merry WIves of Windsor, Audience Member  

TT Playbill Draft V 2-opt (pdf)


KIDS 2019 Media Release 3 (pdf)


Tempest 11 x 17 Poster-opt (pdf)


RoughLongPiece (mov)


WarehouseRoughs (mov)


Mission of Syracuse Shakespeare-in-the-Park

Just like the Bard; outdoors in summer, indoors at other times: authentic Shakespeare all the time


The mission of the Syracuse Shakespeare Festival Corp., now doing business as Syracuse Shakespeare-In-The-Park, is to bring the beauty, poetry and language of Shakespeare to everyone in Central New York especially school-aged children. We also strive to attract visitors from outside the region to supplement and support the health of the CNY economy.

SSITP is producing all of its Shakespeare plays in period costume only!  When you want to see great Shakespeare set and costumed as closely as possible to how the Bard did, come see one of our Shakespeare shows

We will achieve these goals by presenting high quality productions of Shakespeare plays in period costumes for our two outdoor shows in the Thornden Park Amphitheater in June and August each year. The public is invited to attend the shows for free and encouraged to make donations to ensure the high quality of future productions.

We will achieve these goals by reaching out to CNY school-aged students through classes, workshops, in-school performances and field trips to Thornden Park based on current curricular needs. We will collaborate with as many community groups and funders as possible to widen and strengthen our productions.

The cast of "Merry Wives of Windsor" takes a bow after a rousing Saturday show in August 2018...

The cast of "Merry Wives of Windsor" takes a bow after a rousing Saturday show in August 2018...

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We collaborate with many 'Cuse organizations

Feel free to have your group become part of our artistic team!

We partner with Syracuse City Ballet, Open Hand Theatre, Thornden Park Bulldogs, Syracuse Country Dancers, Gannon's Isle Ice Cream & the Thornden Park Association.

" I always love coming to your shows, and I’m now bringing friends to share the joy. This show was my most favorite yet! "

 Shakespeare-In-The-Park, August 2018, Merry Wives of Windsor, Audience Member

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